Body Care With Victoria’s Secret

Hi Beauties!

I am soooo excited to share with you some of my favourite body products, all from Victoria’s Secret (no this is not a sponsored post, I really love their products that much). A friend of mine brought me to Victoria’s Secret one day and told me I had to try out everything. She binges on Victoria’s Secret so it was only right as her friend that I join her, now I understand why she does. Continue reading to find out what Victoria’s Secret body products I use.


I like to layer products and especially layer similar or complementary scents, I feel that the scent lasts longer throughout the day. I’m also really big about hydration so if you feel that there are two many moisturizing layer, take out whatever does not work for you.

  1. First up, the Shea Ultrarich Cream Wash. This smells so yummy, I spend way too much time in the shower (don’t judge me water-saving people) due to the scent. It’s very creamy as stated in its name and doesn’t strip my skin of moisture. Is it as hydrating as my Dove Body Washes no, but it’s pretty up to par and the scent is the added bonus.
  2. Right after the body wash, I apply the Açai Weightless Body Oil while my skin is still damp. It’s a dry finish oil so you will not feel greasy and for those of you who do not need intense moisture, you can stop here.
  3. I always spray the Sheer Love Fragrance Mist after the Body Oil since I had heard once that you should apply Vaseline to areas where you spray your perfume to make it stick. So, with the same principle, I apply my body spray onto skin that has oil on it, it’s not Vaseline, but it’s close enough.
  4. Now for those of us who are just extra in everything that we do, you can follow up with the Açai Hydrating Body Lotion which is what I always do. The Açai scent is my favourite from the collection, it’s very light, fresh and girly and blends well with the Sheer Love Spray.  This lotion is very lightweight, it absorbs quickly and does not leave behind any residue (neither does the oil).
  5. This is the heavy-hitter, the Shea Supersoft Body Butter. I never apply this during the day, I find it too heavy, but it’s perfect at night. With the heater on blast, this helps make sure I don’t wake up with parched skin. It’s very creamy,  I just wish they had this in the scent of Açai or Sheer Love.
  6. As mentioned above, I stock up on Victoria’s Secret body products whenever possible and with good reason, the Exfoliating Polish is nowhere to be found. I’m going to guess that it was a limited edition product. I love it because it’s gritty enough to ensure exfoliating action, but the oil in the product helps maintain your moisture. If it does ever come back, buy at least ten and you should be good!


What are your favourite Victoria’s Secret products and scents? Share below!

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