Can a Girl Get Some Popcorn?

Again. That was all that was going through my mind when I went on my third movie date and I realized that getting a man to buy me some popcorn was a feat equal to climbing Mount Everest. There I was sitting across my date, who had this annoying clownish grin on his face and I was itching to know what had him smiling that way. At that point in our date, there was nothing that could have been that amusing. So, Braveheart finally uttered: “I love that you are so independent and you buy your own popcorn.” I stared at him for a full five minutes waiting for him to tell me he was joking, but all I got was that grin. He was lah-ving it! He was on a date with an independent woman, what was there not to love? A 21st century girl who had her ‘ish together; she works, pays her own bills and obviously she can buy her own popcorn – an extra-large at that. I didn’t know how to remind him that he was on a first date (which would also be his last). Although I may be independent, I forgo a bit of my independence during the first rendezvous.

This was the third movie date in a row where this had occurred and I made an executive decision to no longer allow first dates at the movie theater.

Exhibit One

My co-worker asked me out and I was psyched! This man was H-O-T! I mean c’mon, I hadn’t seen such sculpted arms since Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator”. So, he pulls up in his brand spanking new car (he probably bought it to impress me) and I step in looking hotter than necessary for a movie date. Everything is going well, he opens my door like a true gentleman, grabs hold of my hand and we enter the movie theater. We’ve gotten our tickets (so far so good) and he literally zips me past the concession stands. He definitely let me know that I would not be getting any candy and ripping my arm was his way of ensuring that I didn’t look in that direction. In the theater, I examined my arm which, surprisingly, was still intact and no ligaments had been torn. My date was enjoying himself, he kept asking “Did you see that?!” – uhm no, I am focusing my attention on your hand which appears to be holding mine. Isn’t it funny how many things you’re able to do with your hands when they are not holding a bag of popcorn or a drink?

Exhibit Two

After that major fail came date number two with baby daddy. What’s not to like about baby daddies? You get to see them in action taking care of their kids so you know what kind of father they will be to yours and having a child builds character. We’re in line and I am staring at him adoringly; I am super excited for our date. We get our movie tickets and we ACTUALLY head to the concession stands. He looks at me, I continue to stare adoringly and he asks: “Since I got the movie tickets, you got the popcorn and drinks right?” Deeeath stare. I mumble, “Yeah sure, why not?” I may be getting our snacks, but you mister will not be getting a second date. He had the guts to add, “It’s cool that you said yes because most women have an issue and an attitude about it.” Ya think?! How completely shocking that a woman who says yes to a first date expecting to be treated like a queen is not pleased when she is instead treated like a second class citizen. I mean I wonder why she would give you so much attitude – so, another fail.

Exhibit Three

I gave you a little taste of date three earlier. It went down like this: we arrived at the movie theater and he bought our tickets. I was less than enthusiastic to be there so rather than waiting for him to offer to get some treats (which I didn’t think would happen anyway), I went and purchased my necessities. That’s when he hit me with that one liner: “I love that you are so independent.” I honestly think that I only agreed to the date because I really, really wanted to watch the movie since that should have been my cue to get up and leave.

I am old school in the sense that I believe men should pay for the first date. Not all of my friends feel this way; some are completely okay going dutch because they do not yet know if they’re into the guy, so they are not willing to allow him to pay for them. I think it’s a nice gesture to pay for the woman and it shows how considerate you are to have taken the time to thoroughly plan the date. I do not by any means expect them to pay for each consecutive date and I always come ready to pay my share. Also, I do not need the date to be over the top or overly expensive – a picnic at the park will do, it’s the gesture that counts and the fact that I’m in good company. Banning movie dates for the first rendezvous has served me well. It wasn’t the best first date idea anyway. How do you really get to know someone if you’re fixated on a movie the entire night? When I finally rid myself of “The Curse of the Movie Theater”, I cheered to better dates and even better company. Lest this serve as a warning, get the girl some popcorn – it’s the least you can do.



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