I have an obsession with pasta, I mean obsessed. So of course when I was in New York recently, it was my duty to visit Eataly. Ever since watching Masterchef, I had made it a goal to eat at Eataly and it did not disappoint. I had the Calamari con Sugo di Mare and my friend who is not a big fan of pasta (I know!!!), fell in love.

I plan on organizing a trip back to New York solely to eat more pasta at Eataly and bring back some of the fresh ingredients they sell on site.

Have you been to Eataly? What dishes would you recommend?



This clearly has nothing to do with beauty or relationships, but I have to share my excitement for Queen B giving birth to her twins!!

Beyoncé had her twins! I feel like I gave birth with her, I am so serious about this lol! I was telling my dad on Sunday that we had to go celebrate for her, but he didn’t understand, he let the Bey-hive down. But here’s a throwback to the day that my sister and I found out she was pregnant.