So Nordstrom has a restaurant called Bazille that serves a White Chocolate Bread Pudding whose reputation precedes it – from what I had heard it was the stuff of legends. The recipe is out there for anyone who’s interested.

It’s a beauty! I didn’t even want to destroy this piece of art. My friend was staring at me for a good ten minutes just waiting for me to take a bite and I finally did! It was so good, so good! I wanted to order one to-go, but my gluttony had reached an all time high that week and I couldn’t bring myself to continue.

The picture just sells itself. You need to go. Right. Now. Just go. Drop everything you’re doing and go get yourself a piece of this pudding.

PhotoGrid_1466431055238If you haven’t noticed, Westboro happens to be one of my favourite areas in Ottawa for grub. I had once heard about the enormous servings at Baker Street Café and thought bringing my father there for a Father’s Day brunch would be the way to go. The entire family decided to join and the rumblings about large portions were more than true. The food was delicious and I could barely finish my plate. My brother whom we swear has a wooden leg, couldn’t finish off his plate either. It’s a quaint little place and you really feel as if you’re walking into the home of a familiar friend. Every waiter makes sure to ask you how you’re doing and if you’re enjoying your food each time they pass you by. It’s a great spot to visit for weekend brunch.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I’ll eat breakfast at any time of the day, preferably for dinner, for some reason I find breakfast tastes ten times better when eaten in the evening. Bae’s always introducing me to the city’s hidden gems. So when I suggested we eat breakfast, he said he knew the perfect place. Art Is In is near Lebreton station in Ottawa. When we were driving there, the area seemed slightly deserted surrounded by what I thought were warehouses. At that moment, I honestly thought he might have been trying to kidnap me, but as we got closer, I saw people walking in and out of the restaurant – so yeah, I was safe.


Upon walking into Art Is In, I noticed that it was a tight place and quite busy. I had the gluten-free breakfast with a side of avocado (I honestly don’t care whether my food has gluten in it, but it seemed really appetizing). My eggs were sunny side up, there was a side of arugula salad, and I had the buttermilk bread with delicious sweet-ish bacon. The breakfast was simple yet savoury.

My bae had the breakfast sandwich which was also bomb. This has become one of my go-to spots for breakfast and lunch.