I will be honest, drugstore foundations are not my thing. The process for finding an exact match is at times exhausting; the lack of testers, the inability to obtain samples, it just makes me steer clear of drugstore foundations.

But the Maybelline Matte + Poreless foundation seems to get people excited, so I trudged along to my local drugstore to purchase it. There was no one match (another issue I have) and I purchased the 330 Toffee Caramel and 355 Coconut to mix the two. I like the matte finish of the foundation and it photographs beautifully. I prefer to apply it with a beauty blender which always gives an airbrush finish. I wish it would last a little longer; if I know I’ll be gone all day, I don’t think I would reach for this foundation.

This is perfect for the summer! I have extremely oily skin which gets ten times worst in my humid, muggy city. And let’s be real, dewy and oily are two very different things. If you haven’t tried this foundation yet, I think you’d be happily surprised with this drugstore gem.

The top swatch is 330 Toffee Caramel and the bottom swatch is 355 Coconut.



We are living in a lip crazed world, it seems that lips are all the rage these days (yes I know how ridiculous that sounds, but you can’t deny that it’s the truth). It does feel that every day a myriad of new lip products are introduced into the market and that the products need to be pretty damn good to stand out. And then here comes the Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm. I love lip balm – who doesn’t and I love Clinique so this seemed like a perfect match. I first tried the Clinique Sweet Pots during a private makeup session at Sephora.


The scrub actually scrubs. It irks me when I buy a lip scrub and all I can feel is my finger doing all the work. So it’s a two-sided product and it’s also equipped with a lip balm. This is so handy! I use it every morning before my makeup application and bring one with me while I’m on the go. I bought the Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm in Sweet Rose.


I also bought another Clinique lip product, the Clinique Pop Lip Colour in #14 Plum Pop was screaming my name. I think I own a million mauve-ish products so why not just add one more? This lipstick range is super creamy and hydrating. I absolutely love this colour and it doesn’t bleed everywhere. There were a limited number of shades, nothing else really stood out to me, but if you haven’t tried the lipstick, it’s worth its money.

Below is a swatch of Clinique Pop Lip Colour in #14 Plum Pop:





I purchased a few Laura Mercier products from Nordstrom this past weekend. I’ve used highlighters, concealers and powders from the brand, but never one of their foundations. My mission in life is very clear: to achieve flawless skin at any expense. From what I hear, Laura Mercier is the go-to for achieving a flawless complexion. I love her translucent powder because it disappears on the skin and is not at all cakey.


I got a full face application at the Laura Mercier counter in Nordstrom. The sales associate was amazing and suggested the Silk Crème because it was full coverage, but does not feel heavy on the skin. She chose the colour Pecan for me. She applied the foundation with the Laura Mercier sponge I purchased. It really pushed the product into the skin, but it didn’t look cakey. The sponge is very thick and from the reviews, it lasts forever and doesn’t break down easily. She used it dry, but she said for a lighter coverage to use it wet.


She then set my foundation with the Laura Mercier velour puff and she used the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I looked at my face when she was finished and I was in looove! So, I purchased all the tools and the foundation immediately. There were no flaws on my face, I was happy.


Now let’s fast forward to a few hours later, my foundation was slowly disappearing and disintegrating on my face. The foundation had no hope against my oils. I later asked my sister what she thought of the foundation and she said: “What foundation?” That was my cue to return it. I had really high hopes because it does look really flawless at first, but I feel that although it is oil-free, someone with normal skin would benefit more from this foundation. The creamy texture seems to break down at any hint of oil.

The velour puff and the sponges were a hit however! If you have the MAC powder puff, to compare, the MAC powder puff is much bigger and thicker; the Laura Mercier puff is thinner, more velvety and more pliable.

Have you tried the Laura Mercier foundation? How did you find it? Sound off below!





I went to Trade Secrets the other day to purchase my beloved Morrocanoil Treatment Original and while walking in I spotted the Kardashian Beauty products from the corner of my eye. I turned, peaked and then continued towards the Morrocanoil section – so yeah, I majorly judged. The sales associate saw me and suggested I try their products. And I was all like “Na uh, do you see the thickness up above, Kardashian beauty will not tame this.” After twenty minutes, she totally convinced me and there I was at the cash register purchasing the Kardashian Beauty Dry Seed Oil and the Take 2 Dry Conditioner.

You have to understand that using an oil other than my Morrocanoil is a big deal to me, I never, ever cheat on her. The Kardashian Dry Seed Oil is hella amazing! It’s thick and absorbs well without leaving a greasy film. I apply it on air-dried hair after my leave-in conditioner, right before I’m about to blow dry. My hair feels like silk! And then I add a few other drops after straightening my hair to add some shine. It tames the frizz and keeps my hair smooth throughout the day. I can do without the smell though, it’s very strong and it’s a bit like male cologne, but it doesn’t linger too long.

The Take 2 Dry Conditoner seems like a nice idea, but I’m still trying to figure out how to best incorporate it into my routine since I use the oil the same way I’d use the dry conditioner. So far, I enjoy it best when I’m having a low-key hair day, I can spritz, add some needed moisture to my hair and go. But for the days that I take the time to style my hair, I prefer the Dry Seed Oil for a sleek look.

I’m empty and dare I say I’ll be buying more of the Kardashian Beauty products (I’m sorry Morrocanoil). The price is fair and the products are phenomenal.

Let me know below if you’ve tried any of the Kardashian Beauty products.


Reviewing RC Cosmetics Kabuki Brushes 



The day I learned that I could use a brush to apply my makeup literally changed my life. This was quite a while ago, but I am always searching for new brushes to add to my kit. It is an exciting moment finding a brush or brushes to aid in my quest to achieve a perfectly blended and flawless makeup application.

Through Instagram, I found out about the Royal Care Cosmetics makeup brushes; many beauty gurus were calling them dupes for the Sigma Sigmax Precision Kit and Sigmax Kabuki Kit. I have yet to try those particular Sigma brushes, but I can say with certainty that I am absolutely in love with the RC brushes (I am even more in love with the price!).

I purchased the two sets, the Silver 4 Pieces Face Synthetic brush set and the Premium 4 Piece Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set – I have no regrets!

They are quite dense but still soft and pliable. There are no obvious streaks when you’re buffing in your foundation and concealer so it leaves you with an airbrushed finish. I also like that these brushes can be used for both liquid and powder formulas.

I get the most use out of the flat and domed kabuki brushes which I use daily for foundation and for blending in the edges of my concealer. Since the brushes are quite dense, they absorb a minimal amount of product so not to waste your precious foundation or concealer. I follow up with the pointed kabuki brush to set my under eye highlight.

From the 4 Pieces Synthetic Brush (which are the slimmer brushes), I use the flat top to highlight my nose and the angled brush to contour my nose.

I will definitely be purchasing more brushes from this brand!

Check out these brushes and let me know if you’ve tried them out yourself: