I feel as though I’ve always been on a skin care journey. I’ve worked as a beauty consultant in stores such as Sephora and Rexall, where I’ve had the opportunity to acquire a great deal of knowledge on all things beauty. I’ve also taken a course in beauty and skin care to supplement what I had already learned.

My love affair with the beauty world began in junior high school at the time when my skin had succumbed to that dear old teenage friend called “acne”. That’s when I began my mission of blemish-free skin.

I remember pouring through books, magazines, and online articles about getting rid of my skin affliction but it only seemed to get worse. Then came the scarring and the discoloration from constantly picking and touching my face. What followed were numerous visits to several dermatologists who prescribed medication that did zilch. It was as though my skin was on its own mission to prevent me from clearing the acne. I was also growing tired of being told by these dermatologists that I had to learn to live with the scarring and discoloration – that nothing could be done.

I don’t take well to the word no, therefore, I’ve always taken it upon myself to find different yet effective sources. For instance, at the beauty counter, I appreciate the advice given to me by the beauty consultants’; however, I always do my own research by reading reviews on several beauty and skin care related Web sites. Nothing touches my face without having been thoroughly researched – I know that this may sound a little insane. Yet this has led to a wealth of information that I’ve been able to share with anyone who is willing to listen. And now, on, I can share it all with you!


What is this blog about?


I truly believe in the saying that “you are your most powerful self when you are yourself”. Beauty is all about exploring and cultivating an identity that we can choose to change at a moment’s notice. I love how much can be expressed by a new haircut or even a bright lip. In tandem, this beauty blog will arm you with the knowledge to become a better version of yourself, maybe a beauty tweak here and a beauty tweak there. This blog is about listening to the skin you’re in and appreciating all that is unique about you.


Beauty Tidbits


My beauty weapon: MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick

I always splurge on: Serums

Signature scent: Anything sweet

My look in a nutshell: Winged liner, lots of lashes, pink lipstick, sculpted cheeks and a glow

Best beauty tip I’ve received (from my Mom of course!): Keep it simple – when in doubt, leave it, and don’t smear it on!


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