Enough crying
Enough coming
Enough going
Enough lying
Enough hurting
Enough tears

I’m enough
I was enough
Maybe not for you
Maybe not for him
But I’m enough for me
For Him
And you

Who I am
What I’m worth
If I’m enough
I never was enough for you
In your eyes, I wasn’t worth much
Never enough
No satisfaction with me
No satisfaction in being with me
Not enough of me to keep you around
Not enough of me for you to commit

I thank you for not seeing me
For not knowing me
For ousting me
For not being enough for you
I’ve found my worth
No longer through you
But within the one who is never changing
Never ending

You weren’t enough
Enough of a man
You didn’t have enough
Enough fight
You didn’t have enough
Enough courage to tell me why
Enough courage to say goodbye

So let me say goodbye
I hope you feel full
All alone
I hope you feel as though you’re enough

I’m enough
Enough without you
Complete without you

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