What a fool you were
What I fool I was
A fool to believe you, to trust you, to give you my heart
My world feels like it’s crashing down

Again, because of you
Again, because of you

How could one man hurt me so many times
How could I allow one man in so often

I feel empty
I feel unworthy
I feel lonely
I feel lost

Where do I go from here?
How do I survive now?
How do I live my life again without you?
Why do you hurt me?
Do I disgust you that much?
Am I not your image of perfection?
Why do you hurt me so?

Let me go, let me live, let me breathe
I’m letting you go

My worth, no longer in your hands
My identity no longer lies in this relationship

You leaving me
Me leaving you

Ring my number, come find me, look for me
You without me
How you’ve done me before
Baby I’m leaving you behind
Ghosting you

Leaving you alone and ghosted

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