Idealized Love

He’s a bad boy
The type that may never change
Constantly distracted by his next prey
Yet there you are waiting for the stars to align
It’s his artistic flair, his zest for life
The sounds of the worlds he’s travelled permeate his voice
You’ve felt it was him, you’ve known for a while
Yet your heart is not at ease
And when you get close to allowing him in, you pull back
Not ready for him to see into the depths of your soul
There is an uncomfortable feeling about him
What you seem to want appears to be far from what you need
But there he stands, in all his beauty, yet you know that you can’t allow yourself to breathe
You’re choking at the knowledge that he will eventually break your heart
You hope, you want, you wish
But his perfection cannot exist with you
So, you begin to walk away
Waiting for some glimmer of hope to stop you from this path
A pull at your heart, a push in his direction
But nothing comes
You stop for a moment breathing in the air of sadness
You turn around for one last smile, hoping for one last look into his eyes
An answer of some sort
But nothing comes
You stand there all alone engulfed by the darkness
When you hear the sound of paper crumbling
At that moment you know, perfect on paper is slipping away
You will not be together today nor will you be together tomorrow
Maybe in another lifetime, you will see him smile again



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