Kardashian Beauty in Review



I went to Trade Secrets the other day to purchase my beloved Morrocanoil Treatment Original and while walking in I spotted the Kardashian Beauty products from the corner of my eye. I turned, peaked and then continued towards the Morrocanoil section – so yeah, I majorly judged. The sales associate saw me and suggested I try their products. And I was all like “Na uh, do you see the thickness up above, Kardashian beauty will not tame this.” After twenty minutes, she totally convinced me and there I was at the cash register purchasing the Kardashian Beauty Dry Seed Oil and the Take 2 Dry Conditioner.

You have to understand that using an oil other than my Morrocanoil is a big deal to me, I never, ever cheat on her. The Kardashian Dry Seed Oil is hella amazing! It’s thick and absorbs well without leaving a greasy film. I apply it on air-dried hair after my leave-in conditioner, right before I’m about to blow dry. My hair feels like silk! And then I add a few other drops after straightening my hair to add some shine. It tames the frizz and keeps my hair smooth throughout the day. I can do without the smell though, it’s very strong and it’s a bit like male cologne, but it doesn’t linger too long.

The Take 2 Dry Conditoner seems like a nice idea, but I’m still trying to figure out how to best incorporate it into my routine since I use the oil the same way I’d use the dry conditioner. So far, I enjoy it best when I’m having a low-key hair day, I can spritz, add some needed moisture to my hair and go. But for the days that I take the time to style my hair, I prefer the Dry Seed Oil for a sleek look.

I’m empty and dare I say I’ll be buying more of the Kardashian Beauty products (I’m sorry Morrocanoil). The price is fair and the products are phenomenal.

Let me know below if you’ve tried any of the Kardashian Beauty products.


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