Le Look: Weekend Vibes


I opened my front door this morning to head to work, only to be greeted with knee high snow. All I could think was “Thank God I went out this weekend” because hibernation season is in full effect. I went out (twice) this weekend which is basically a milestone as I’m a homebody. These were my two outfits:


Style: The dress is from Dynamite. The pointy heels are from Aldo Shoes. The earrings are from Forever 21.

Glam: I’m wearing Diva lipstick by MAC.

Mane: A half top knot inspired by Jennifer Lopez.


It’s super obvious that this weekend I had a formula and followed it through; top-knot and short dresses.

Style: The olive coloured dress is from Forever 21. The leather jacket is from Dynamite. The booties are from Forever 21. The earrings are from Forever 21 and so are the bangles.

Glam: I’m wearing a random nude liquid lipstick I bought from Ebay.

Mane: True story: I slept with my hair in the half ponytail so I could place it in the exact same spot the next day. It took me too long to do it the first time around #thestrugglewasreal.


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