Sweet Pots, Sweet Lips


We are living in a lip crazed world, it seems that lips are all the rage these days (yes I know how ridiculous that sounds, but you can’t deny that it’s the truth). It does feel that every day a myriad of new lip products are introduced into the market and that the products need to be pretty damn good to stand out. And then here comes the Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm. I love lip balm – who doesn’t and I love Clinique so this seemed like a perfect match. I first tried the Clinique Sweet Pots during a private makeup session at Sephora.


The scrub actually scrubs. It irks me when I buy a lip scrub and all I can feel is my finger doing all the work. So it’s a two-sided product and it’s also equipped with a lip balm. This is so handy! I use it every morning before my makeup application and bring one with me while I’m on the go. I bought the Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm in Sweet Rose.


I also bought another Clinique lip product, the Clinique Pop Lip Colour in #14 Plum Pop was screaming my name. I think I own a million mauve-ish products so why not just add one more? This lipstick range is super creamy and hydrating. I absolutely love this colour and it doesn’t bleed everywhere. There were a limited number of shades, nothing else really stood out to me, but if you haven’t tried the lipstick, it’s worth its money.

Below is a swatch of Clinique Pop Lip Colour in #14 Plum Pop:





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