Hi Beauties!

I’ve previously shared some of my fave full strip lashes on the blog, I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite half lashes. These are the ones I wear on a daily basis or when I’m not looking for full on glam.

These are the Ardell Accent 318 half lashes. I love how fluffy they are and they can be re-used often.

The other pair I love are the Red Cherry Eyelashes in Demi Wispy Accent.  They’re not as full, but they’re light and are perfect for everyday. Especially when I’m trying to avoid the “why do you wear eyelashes every day” comments.



What are your favourite every day lashes? Let me know below!

I recently wrote an article for my school newspaper The Fulcrum called:  Surviving the Exam Period in Style . Check out this link for tips on how to get ready in 15 minutes or less during exam period. Here are some of the products I referenced.


Check out the article and let me know what you think!

CAMPUS STYLE: Surviving the exam period in style

Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Illuminator


When I feel that my stock of a particular beauty item is low, I buy one, then another, then another one and that’s how the story goes. So once the highlighter bug bit me, I first bought the Mac Oh, Darling Extra Dimension Skinfinish and obviously it only made sense to buy the oh-so popular Anastasia Beverly Hills illuminator in So Hollywood. I’m getting another highlighter soon because I have to keep this addiction going obviously, but let’s talk about the So Hollywood illuminator for a minute.


I love the design of the highlighter; it makes for something interesting to look at. The tone of the is absolutely beautiful, a silvery gold. I find this colour super flattering and you glow rather than shine (my biggest pet peeve is looking like an oily disco ball).


I do wish there was a little less shimmer, don’t get me wrong, the highlighter is ah-maze-balls, but a little less shimmer and it would have been perfect.

Here are the swatches:


So I obviously need more highlighters, comment below which other I need to add to my stash!



Blushes aren’t my thing, they just aren’t. I can appreciate a pretty blush colour, but when it comes to applying blush on my face, it’s basically a non-existent routine. So in order for me to apply a hell of a lot of blush colour, the blush needs to be absolutely beautiful. I’ve had these two MAC Mineralize Blushes for some time now, but when I was (once again) organizing my makeup stash, there these beauties were.


I only have two of MAC’s Mineralize Blushes: Love Joy (left) and Love Thing (right). They’re mineralized so there’s a bit of shimmer, but it’s not glittery. I find that mineralize blushes glide on the skin better due to their texture and they deposit colour so well.

The MAC blushes in general are long-lasting and the mineralize blushes are just as long wearing. The pigment is what got me (look at the swatches below). You need to dab your brush in lightly and tap off the excess because a little goes a long way.


MAC Mineralize Blushes L to R: Love Joy & Love Thing 

Do you have any of the MAC Mineralize Blushes? Are there other MAC blush colours you’d recommend?



Fall is just around the corner (unfortunately) and with the colder weather comes darker colours. While playing around with makeup at the drugstore, I discovered these two beauties from Revlon. These two lipsticks are perfect for fall and would pair well with the jewel tones that we’re so familiar with during the colder months.


Below are the swatches of the two lipsticks.


Revlon Really Red lipstick & Revlon Black Cherry lipstick

The swatch on the left is Revlon’s Really Red lipstick. It’s a matte finish, but you couldn’t tell that from the picture. I do have to admit that it’s creamier than I’d expect for a lipstick that’s considered matte. I love the shade, it leans towards an orangey-red which is vibrant, but the semi-matte finish helps tone down the brightness.

The swatch on the right is Revlon’s Black Cherry lipstick and it’s a cream finish. Usually with darker colours I prefer a matte because I like the drama that a matte finish provides, but with this colour, a cream finish works. I just love this colour; it’s my favourite of the two. You do have to be careful when applying it because it’s dark and creamy so the application can get messy. I don’t usually use a lip brush but with this lipstick I do. I also make sure to powder my lips before applying and to set the lipstick as well.


Are you ready for fall? Let me know below any of your fall makeup suggestions.