Le Look: Boho Chic


How much do you love this poncho? Like seriously? Even if you’re not a poncho person, even if you feel this is what your grandma should wear, there must be a part of you that kinda, just kinda loves this poncho — or it will eventually grow on you (at least I think).

The poncho was a feature item for a fall look book photo shoot that I was part of through @awalkinottawa for their Instagram account. The first look pre-hat, I was testing out how to style the poncho. Once I decided on a look, I added a hat and a necklace for the actual photo shoot.


Style: The poncho is from Forever 21. The tank top is from Garage Clothing. The jeans are from H&M. The boots are from Aldo.

For the photo shoot, I added a hat from Call It Spring and a necklace is form Aldo.

Glam: In the spirit of fall, I decided to go for a dark lip. I’m wearing Wet n’ Wild lipstick in Vamp it Up (it’s supposed to be a dupe for MAC Cyber lipstick).

Mane: When I was first figuring out how to style the poncho, I wore my hair straight, but for the shoot, I curled it. I thought the curls would look better under the hat.

Check out @awalkinottawa on Instagram to see the other key fall items and how to style them.



Everyone around me knows that colours are usually not my thing; I will choose a nude shade over a bright colour every single time; however, recently I’ve caught the colour bug and that’s all I want to see in my closet. I’m not big on online shopping, but ASOS never fails me. I wanted to highlight the longline blazer so I chose neutrals and basics to complement the blazer.

Outfit: The yellow longline blazer is from ASOS. The white v-neck tank and the jeans are from H&M. Shoes: The heels are from Sirens.
Accessories: My gold hoop earrings and the necklace are from Forever 21.


Hairstyle: I curled my hair with Sultra’s Bombshell clipless curling iron.

Face Details: I’m wearing my go-to everyday lipstick lately which is Fast Play by MAC.

– Elle


Le Look: 70’s Glam

Confession: I’ve had these jeans since high school, the store where I purchased them has since closed – they’re that old. When I saw people sporting bell bottom pants recently, my heart fluttered. I dug deep into my closet and pulled out these babies. I keep all of my clothes; it’s really hard for me to part ways with clothing I’ve worn in the past – unless it’s damaged, holey or taken from me by force (aka in the hands of my little sister). It’s usually served me well to do so.

Outfit: The white t-shirt is from H&M. I usually get all my basics from H&M. The jeans are from very long ago. The belt is from H&M.
Shoes: The heels are from Aldo.
Accessories: My gold hoop earrings are from Aldo Accessories.

Hairstyle: Curled my hair again, two for two.

Face Details: Today I’m wearing some random nude lipstick.



Le Look

Neutrals make me feel so chic, but I feel the vest from Dynamite made this outfit. They have a few options in stock in different colours; I’ll be getting every single one of them.

Outfit: The tank top is from H&M. The jeans are from Zara. The vest is from Dynamite.
Shoes: The heels are from Aldo.
Accessories: My gold hoop earrings are from H&M.

Hairstyle: Finally did something different and curled my hair today using Sultra’s Bombshell.


Face Details: Today I’m wearing Fast Play lipstick by MAC.