The #EgoChallenge: Scars

When I walk in the room
I see their stares
I hear the whispers
And, rather than keeping it to themselves
They think, let me just tell her what I think of her body, her lips and her nose real quick
Who would I be if I didn’t help a sister out?

You’re so close to being caramel, they say
Chocolate is good, but a caramel latte is always better
You can stand to be a couple of shades lighter
Here you go, a bottle of skin lightener

Don’t lick your lips, they’ll only get bigger
Oh! They never told you?
Girl, I just saved you

Wait a minute,
You’re thinking of wearing a skirt? Girl, don’t bother
Never seen legs so thin and so discoloured
Your mama never told you not to kneel?
I just keep saving you

You’re so thin
Haven’t you eaten in a while?
Here’s a burger, feed yourself
Haven’t you heard without hips you won’t carry a child?

Yeah you got booty, but it could be bigger
Much bigger
Much bigger, like the size of the scars all over your body
How’d you get all of those scars anyway?

It seems so hard being you
Day and night having to cover up all of who you are
Girl, I couldn’t do it, but you do you boo
Try changing and while you do, just keep your head high
I can only imagine the pain that comes from being you

I’m beautiful, just not in your eyes
My beauty comes from my strength and knowing God is alive
My Maker, whose son died at the cross for me
Knows every hair on my head
Tells me I’m beautiful constantly

And, that’s why I smile, even if the sight of my gap makes you uncomfortable
Even if the sight of my gap takes the little beauty I have away
You’re beautiful, until you smile they say
That’s nice and all, but I got a gap and I ain’t closing it up

But don’t you forget your nose
It’s too big, it’s too wide, it doesn’t fit, it’s too much
Don’t worry girl, you know I got you, there’s options now, just look at mine
I know a doctor, and it won’t cost too much
I promise, just look at me, I swear this won’t cost you much

But I’m free from your opinions
I’ve been free
Loving myself flaws and all
Loving myself dark skin, big nose, big lips and all
I know it’s too much for you to fathom
Too much for you to understand
But I walk like this, scarred legs, sitting tall
I strut like this loving me flaws and all

I’m free
Free from them and their opinions
And who are they?
The ones who point
The ones who stare, the ones who laugh
Who are they who think they have a say?
Strangers, lovers, foes and friends

But I can’t do nothing but be myself
Can’t do better than being myself
I love my big ego, such a big ego
I have every reason to feel like I’m that chick

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