The Road to A Flawless Complexion

I purchased a few Laura Mercier products from Nordstrom this past weekend. I’ve used highlighters, concealers and powders from the brand, but never one of their foundations. My mission in life is very clear: to achieve flawless skin at any expense. From what I hear, Laura Mercier is the go-to for achieving a flawless complexion. I love her translucent powder because it disappears on the skin and is not at all cakey.


I got a full face application at the Laura Mercier counter in Nordstrom. The sales associate was amazing and suggested the Silk Crème because it was full coverage, but does not feel heavy on the skin. She chose the colour Pecan for me. She applied the foundation with the Laura Mercier sponge I purchased. It really pushed the product into the skin, but it didn’t look cakey. The sponge is very thick and from the reviews, it lasts forever and doesn’t break down easily. She used it dry, but she said for a lighter coverage to use it wet.


She then set my foundation with the Laura Mercier velour puff and she used the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I looked at my face when she was finished and I was in looove! So, I purchased all the tools and the foundation immediately. There were no flaws on my face, I was happy.


Now let’s fast forward to a few hours later, my foundation was slowly disappearing and disintegrating on my face. The foundation had no hope against my oils. I later asked my sister what she thought of the foundation and she said: “What foundation?” That was my cue to return it. I had really high hopes because it does look really flawless at first, but I feel that although it is oil-free, someone with normal skin would benefit more from this foundation. The creamy texture seems to break down at any hint of oil.

The velour puff and the sponges were a hit however! If you have the MAC powder puff, to compare, the MAC powder puff is much bigger and thicker; the Laura Mercier puff is thinner, more velvety and more pliable.

Have you tried the Laura Mercier foundation? How did you find it? Sound off below!



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